Sifnos means Cyclades! See the Video

The Municipality of Sifnos returns with a new cool video as part of the “Restart Recipe” campaign. The video is dedicated this time, not only to visitors, but also to all the protagonists of this season, professionals, employees, institutions and in general all those who are indirectly and directly active with Tourism.

Sifnos means Cyclades, authenticity, hospitality, quality and safety. In other words, Sifnos is Greece 2020! Within 62 seconds of impressive shots and rhythmic music, Greece is presented through the characteristics of the beloved Cycladic island and declares “ready”:

This year Greece is ready to show its culture and history, as Sifnos will do. “Flag” of the island’s long history is the award-winning Acropolis of Agios Andreas. It is the first organized archaeological site of Sifnos since the 13th century. B.C., which spreads on the plateau of the hill of Agios Andreas, in an area of about ten thousand square meters and reveals secrets of thousands of years! Ancient quarries, monuments as well as hundreds of churches, such as the timeless Panagia Chrysopigi, charm and continue the journey to other times. Without a doubt, however, the living “nugget” of history remains the tradition of the island, which is part of everyday life even today! Many customs are observed and give special color. The Sifnaic festivals with their ritual, distributed throughout the year, are addressed free of charge to the whole world and organized by ordinary citizens, the so-called “festivals”. The Sifnaic weddings, the Sunday chickpea in the wood oven and the melodic dopiolais are some of the customs and habits of the island that are kept unchanged until today.

Sifnos. Photo by George Pantool

Greece is ready to show its land! Sifnos is endowed with the appropriate raw materials that its inhabitants used early on. The development of pottery in Sifnos is mainly due to the abundance of clay refractory, natural conditions, technique and good performance of Sifnia in the art of clay processing. Thus, over time, the name “Sifnios” was identified with the professional “tsikalas”, “potter”, “canatas”. The result of Sifni’s unique relationship with nature is gastronomy. Sifnos, birthplace of Nikolaos Tselemede and other chefs, maintains a rich tradition in gastronomy. At the Sunday Sifnaiko table, the main food is the chickpea, which is baked in a clay sifnaiko pot for many hours from the previous evening in an oven with branches. They’re not missing from the Sifnaiko table, also, the mastelo, goat bathed in local wine baked in “mastelo”, special clay sifnaiko dish in an oven with branches, chickpeas, capersalad, local cheeses, sweet pumpkin pie, cookies and cookies, sweets of spoon, as well as fruit liqueurs that thrive in Sifnos and other sifnaian sweets.

Greece is ready to show its nature! Sifnos is a typical example of Greek island beauty. Isolated sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, lacy shores, pebbles and organized beaches, host memories of tourists from their ideal holidays in Greece! The destination is popular for its performance in maritime and maritime tourism, sailing and yachting. On the other hand, the paths are the best “tourist” in the interior of the island! A unique network of routes of several tens of kilometers was created for everyday use, with the oldest of them having a history that reaches the 3rd millennium BC Marked paths continue to lead today to churches, beaches and wonderful landscapes and are used by local and foreign hikers. Some of them are cobbled, marbled or even dirt.

Sifnos. Photo by George Pantool

In the health department, however, Sifnos declares its readiness through the timely adoption and observance of the measures provided for by the Municipality in consultation with the competent bodies. The shielding at this level was greatly strengthened after the recent significant donation of automatic molecular analyzer GENEXPERT IV with the necessary tests and sample collection collectors from the Evgenidou Foundation on the initiative of the President of the Foundation and the sustainable Sifniou Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenides, with the installation of a portable respirator by the Support Foundation of the Regional Medical Center of Sifnos, as well as with the offer of an oxygen condenser by the Mayor of Sifnos Ms. Maria

For the island of harmony and gastronomy, the video is a real heartfelt call and offers a lot of … food for thought about dream holidays with safety and quality of service! Greece is ready again and Sifnos’ “Restart Recipe” is the living proof!



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