Sports Tourism: The spot from the South Aegean Region (video)

The new commercial from the South Aegean Region for Sports Tourism comes to strengthen the identity of the South Aegean as the Region with the most and largest sports events that are hosted on the small and large islands of Dodecanese and Cyclades!

The aim of the new commercial of the Region is to enhance the image of the South Aegean as a sports destination, promoting rich material from sports events and events that have hosted small and large islands of the South Aegean.

As a result of an intensive effort lasting 4 years, the South Aegean Region succeeded in establishing the islands of Dodecanese and Cyclades as destinations of major sporting events hosting only for 2019: 21 International Games and World Sports Meetings, 27 Panhellenic Championships and 67 Championships. This wealth of sports events, which brought a large number of athletes and visitors-escorts to the islands of the Region and gave the whole Region great journalistic coverage in all countries of the world and in almost all sports, is the basis of its material. new advertising spot of the N. Aegean Region that joined its big tourist campaign.

Emblematic and not, international or national and local, smaller or larger, for amateurs or professionals, the sports activities organized, instituted and supported by the South Aegean Region in recent years are the fertile ground for the strengthening of sports tourism, through which The expansion of the tourist season is achieved to a certain extent.

Football, Basketball, Beach Volley, Tae Kwo Do, Windsurfing, Climbing, Tennis, Car Racing, Sailing, Athletics, Cycling, Diving, Horse Riding, Shooting, Karate, Chess, Road Racing, Marathon, Park Kourning, Kour Surning, sports in which the South Aegean Region supported or organized large meetings and put the islands of the South Aegean on the world map of major sporting events.

Amorgian spectacle in the spot of the South Aegean Region

Amorgos is represented by two events in which the Municipality actively participates and have managed to become an institution attracting fans of sports tourism. These are the Amorgos Trail Challenge and the Authentic Big Blue.

The Amorgos TrailChallenge mountain running race highlights the uniquely beautiful trails of Amorgos and the Authentic Big Blue with international radiance highlights the irresistible endless blue of the island with the free diving competition.

The Regional Governor of the South Aegean, George Chatzimarkos, stated about the new sports tourism commercial:

“The new advertising campaign of the South Aegean, this year, due to the special conditions imposed by the pandemic, focuses the attention of the potential visitor on the core of the product offered by the Greek islands, ie that of the sun and the sea, however , this in no way means that the South Aegean Region deviates from its general development strategy to promote alternative forms, to enhance the reduction of seasonality and the enrichment of the tourism product.”Every step, every action of ours is based on a complete plan in the bigger picture, which is none other than keeping the islands of the South Aegean at the center of the tourist interest”.

The new spot of the South Aegean Region for Sports Tourism is available on its official YouTube channel “Aegean Islands”



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