Sifnos suggests the “restart recipe”! Watch the video

Sifnos, the Cycladic island of harmony, says it is ready to welcome its friends according to this year’s opening plan of tourism!

As the birthplace of the timeless national chef Nikolaos Tselemente, the Municipality of Sifnos in collaboration with the professionals and institutions of the island, created the “restart recipe”. Through a quick video with impressive shots, Sifnos “explains the recipe” and addresses every Greek potential traveler who wants to leave behind, the last months of incarceration and restart a quality and safe destination!

Explosive lakes, unique beaches, marked nature trails, ancient monuments protected by Unesco and incomparable architecture along with the unique pottery await the visitor to an island that knows well from recipes for success! The authentic Sifnian chickpeas, the sweets of the spoon, the mizithra and the fine cheeses and cooked dishes are cooked in handmade local clay pots and contain as their main ingredient the love of Sifnos for the land and the fellow human being.

However, the love of the locals is seen in the difficulties and it is proven in practice today! The Municipality together with the local bodies, the professionals and the residents joined forces to take all the necessary health and safety measures so that the next day the traveler can enjoy without worries a completely reliable and safe destination. It is no coincidence that many international media, such as the demanding German magazine Focus, single out Sifnos among the 5 destinations in Greece that are worth visiting this summer!

On the island with the positive aura, all preparations have been made for accommodation, restaurants, taverns, cafes and bars to serve the tourist with one goal. To make him forget, always respecting his needs and financial capabilities.

At the same time, originating in the Cyclades, Sifnos has already entered this year with a new unique proposal for all lovers of marine and maritime tourism!

In other words, this year Sifnos is identified with the restart of tourism and especially of your inner world!

Watch the Enjoyable video