Best European beaches for 2020 are the Greek ones

Beaches from the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands, Crete and the Sporades are included in the list of the leading beaches for 2020 by the travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler, in a post.

As far as the Cyclades are concerned, the CNT stands for the coastline variety in southwestern Naxos, in the wonderful – as it is characterized – isolation of the beaches of Vagia and Lia in Serifos, in the bays with the turquoise waters in Koufonisia, in the cosmopolitan beaches and Ftelia in Mykonos, but also in the diversity of the coasts of Milos.
Regarding the Ionian Islands, the CNT makes its first stop in Corfu, proposing to surf lovers the beach of Agios Georgios, to families with young children in Avlaki. It also “dives” in Halikounas and Peroulades, with the impressive sunset. In Lefkada, reference is made to Egremni, Porto Katsiki and Kathisma, while in Zakynthos, the Vasilikos peninsula is proposed by the CNT, with the magazine also standing in the waters of Paxos and Antipaxos.

In Crete, the CNT stands out as the best beaches on the Balos Peninsula and Elafonissi, with the travel magazine taking a “dip” in Ligres, Triopetra, Agios Pavlos, Glyka Nera, Finikas and Marmara, in the south. Island’s.
As far as the Sporades are concerned, the magazine begins with a tour of Skiathos and the beaches of Koukounaries, Vromolimnos, Ambelakia and Lalaria. For Skopelos and Alonissos, the CNT stands for diving opportunities. The magazine also makes a pass from Skyros, for a dip in Pefko and Kalamitsa.
In the rest of Europe, the magazine singles out from France the shores of the Atlantic, the French Riviera and Corsica. In Spain, reference is made to Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca, Mallorca and the Canary Islands. In Italy, Sardinia and Sicily are attracting interest, while in Portugal, Algavre and the Azores. Finally, reference is made to the islands of Lopund and Vis in Croatia, but also to the coasts near the city of Budva in Montenegro.