The Nautical Channel promotes Naxos and supports Greece!

In order to support Naxos and Greek Tourism in their official tourist opening abroad, the international television network Nautical Channel agreed with the Municipality and rebroadcast the two half-hour episodes, which had been filmed on the island, for a week, from Saturday 6 June to Saturday 13 June 2020 and a total of 17 times!

It is noted that the Nautical Channel is broadcast in 70 countries worldwide through platforms and television stations with 20 million viewers. In Greece, the network broadcasts its rich program through Vodafone Greece, Wind Hellas and COSMOTE TV. It is considered the favorite channel of the international traveler with special interests that loves water sports, diving, sailing, yachting and quality destinations.

Besides, apart from the sea activities, the two episodes offer an hourly “journey” to the beaches, the activities, the history, the traditions and the gastronomy in Naxos! “We are activating our network of international alliances to spread the message as far as possible! Naxos, the Small Cyclades and all of Greece, are the “quintessence” of the ideal, safe and refreshing holidays for this year for every tourist who seeks true renewal. We warmly thank the Nautical Channel for supporting Greece and our islands in this effort “, said the Deputy Mayor of Tourism, Mr. Vangelis Katsaras.